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Groonbowl 9 Starting Soon!

Hello. I am writing a blog post. I am doing this to announce that we're trying to get signups in for Groonbowl 9 which I hope we can start on July 15th. Oh, you would like to know more? Well sure I guess!

This is the second Groonbowl season in one of our "two-banger" format years (what the kids call it), where we play back to back seasons with continuity and allow people to either continue their team from last season or roll a new one that's about on average skill wise with the rest of the league. The nice thing is this lets us also roll in new teams, so maybe that's you!

Here's the rules for rerolling and new teams:

  • You have to make the team, screenshot it, and add it to the signup sheet.

  • 11 Minimum players.

  • 12 max players.

  • 12 total skills will be granted. 1 guaranteed double. 1 guaranteed stat up.

  • For levels: We will publicly roll for the players that will receive the levels. The roll order will be Stat>Double>Regs

  • Lineos are removed from the leveling pool after 1 level, so if you opt for a ton of lineos you won't force all the levels onto like 3 positionals.

    • Note: You can opt in advance to waive this rule entirely, or for a lineo that draws a Double/Statup, but you have to do it in advance by noting it in the signup sheet.

  • For your stat up you can pick any statup you like.

  • You can forgo a stat, and turn it into a double. You can forgo both and turn it into a reg.

  • 3RRs and Apo are granted if desired and you can afford it TV wise.

  • Rerolled/fresh teams cannot be bigger than 1460TV by season start, so factor this into your math. This means you need to leave room for up to 200(regs)+30(dub)+50(STR). You can shave this down slightly with +MA or +AG but teams that are over will need to make a cut.

  • No bigger than lvl 2 stadium. Wholly for spite.

We don't really have a set ruleset for stunty teams so if anyone wants to roll/reroll into a stunty team, make the team and PM it, but we'll need to figure out a ruleset for that team's reroll. So do at your own risk. These teams include Gobs, Ogres, and Flings.

So, if you feel like punching around some dudes, oil up your knucks (more kid slang) and dust off your pointy shoes... it's time to blubble.

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