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Goon refugees welcome!

Hey goons looking for Groon. It's us, Groon.

I've dusted off my EVE account to accept apps and give people a landing spot if they would like one. If you actually wanna hang with us, I'd recommend getting on our discord which has links all over this site.

Also, I would temper your expectations in terms of our ambitions (lol) or activity. If one of you rips off the newbie hangar that's probably it. If you need people to red pen you and yell at you to do things, you're gonna be disappointed. If you expect us to know the various buzz-languages of goonfleet like "kramering" we're just gonna stare blankly.

We're mostly a social club at this point that plays FOTMs but if there's stuff to do in EVE I'm sure a few of us will come play. We miss it in the same way you miss your old meth habit.


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