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Conan: The Librarian - Oh it's a new groon server

Hey dorks

If you wanna come punch some feral hogs in the face, Groon has an official Conan: Exiles server:


PW: fuckgoons

I know a lot of you don't like MMOs or survival games. That's cool. I totally get that. If that's you, hit back on yo browser right now, and we'll call it a day.

Oh shit, you still here? Niiiiiiice. Let's talk Conan!

Let's be straight, this is a survival game. You gotta eat food and get water, and in this game water is actually a pretty big limiter and core part of your exploration range. You also drop your shit when you die, and probably on the spawn point of a nightmare monster, and there's no /corpse command to help you drag it away.

What you get for your trouble, though, is a really exciting slow burn adventure. You test an area and find that it's too hard. You gear up, raise some stats, and take another crack and find a whole new area. It's really a joy to explore and grow in the game.

It's even better with a buddy or two. So I went ahead and got a server, mostly so me and clammy can play. But we got the groon clan up and you can join it if you want. Or don't. I don't care. Make a rival clan and we can set up PVP times and battle if we want. The game is pretty flexible and fun.

You should try it!

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