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Opponents crushed under the might of the DROOG PVP Juggernot™

Random Violence

Huzzah Federation x4

Vertigo Coalition

Ocularis Inferno

Important Internet Spaceship League

Balance of Judgement

Empire of Serenity

Combined Planetary Union

Exquisite Malevolance

GoonFleet x2


Agony Empire

The Darkness Rising

Flying Dangerous

The Dark Plague


Bipolar Stability

Celestial Tribesmen

C C P Alliance x2

Quantum Wipeout

Die Naschbaerchies

Dark Syndicate

Innovia Alliance

Seventh Sanctum

Luminari Conglomerate


Black Omega Security

SUAS's Machariel

Ten Dollar Bond

Ineluctable. x2

Psychotic Tendencies.

United States Of America

Pandemic Legion

Ishuuk-Raata Enforcement DIrective

Moon Warriors x2

Brave Newbies Inc.

Rainbow Dash Friends

Surely You're Joking

Rote Kapelle

Peacemakers. Coalition

Gallente Federation

Razor Alliance x2 

Fidelas Constans

Complaints Department

Clockwork Pineapple

Cobra Inc


Fist of the Empire


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